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recent update :
Laneige ION Boutique Store Launch Party
written on 11 Oct 2012 @ Thursday, October 11, 2012 ✈

The Laneige event was on 5 September 2012 held at Ion Sky. It was a media invite from the good peeps of Crowd that I get to attend this launch event. Thank you Crowd!

Laneige specially flown in their senior makeup artist from Korea. I had a great time checking out the handsome Mr. Choi Jung Hwan while he explain the makeup technics in a language I didn't understand. But, they hired a translator for the whole duration while Mr. Choi was talking, so yup, I did pick up bits and pieces of tips for prettier makeup!

Ion Sky, is located in Ion Orchard, level 55/56. The entrance to the lift was spectacular. Pardon the pixelated photos coz I was using my phone camera.

 I went to the event with my dear boyfriend. While in the lift, he said, it's so cool. The lift actually goes in this direction.

I'm not sure to believe him or not. Lol...

The ever pretty Fullhouse star Song Hye Kyo greeted us! Ok, her, on the poster. And she is one true beauty from Korea who didn't have any plastic surgery.

View from Ion Sky. Beautiful.

Walkway up, after passing the recep.

Sigh, why is she so beautiful?

If you're wondering why are we in blue, it's because the dress code is Blue Lagoon. It's to signify the water and hydration series.

My dress is from Montrose Desires.

Lim Peifen was the emcee. Her English is actually very good, even though she is a Mandarin station DJ!

She's here with Mr. Choi

And the model, without any makeup, while Mr. Choi does his magic on her.

They even have makeup for the men so they won't feel left out! Who says men don't makeup? Yes they do now, apparently.

The girl with the mic is the translator.

Ended with a toast in BLUE for the launch of the Laneige flagship boutique!

Oh, and not forgetting, the awesome goodie bag which we received.

Laneige Ion Nano rechargeable steamer, makeup brushes set and trial sizes of Laneige products! Happy!

A random pic to show you the hair of the day.

Tied the hair myself, therefore some unsightly bobby pins. :P

Yeah! Kept to my promise. My update is prompt and blogger is doing good. Heh. Have an awesome Thursday k! Friday is coming. It's party time!

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