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recent update :
1st CNY Dinner!
written on 9 Feb 2013 @ Saturday, February 09, 2013 ✈

Yay! I'm updating my blog! Which means I'm kinda free after my spring cleaning. I'm typing this entry with my rabbit hovering around me. Heh.

Yesterday night was the first CNY dinner with dear and his friends. We had our sumptuous dinner at Paradise Inn Marina Square.

It's amazing how a self-shot can actually house 9 people in it. Photo courtesy of Ying.

We didn't get the set for CNY coz it was kinda pricey, thus there's no lou hei. :P

Their famous kong bak pau. FATS which I scrape them away....

There were 2 soups too which we ordered but I didn't take any photo. The food was delicious! Love Paradise Inn!

After our dinner, Ying was very tired so she went back with Jia Wang first. The rest of us headed to Pan Pac lounge to chill.

It would have been more complete if there was live singing.

Jerm's drink.

New addition to the group. Cha Aim. Jerm's girlfriend. Weiting came to join us later but there's no photo of her. 

I'm wearing Montrose Desires dress!

I've already started the new yearsy trend. Lol.... But tonight, which is reunion dinner with my family at Sakura and then to dear's place, I'm wearing some leopard prints.

I've planned out my clothes like a week before. How well prepared/ kiasu I am.

Hehe... Ok, have a good reunion dinner to all of you and for those who are not celebrating, perhaps you can bask in the ambiance by heading to Chinatown and brush with the crowd for the lunar new year countdown!

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