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Christmas Eve 2012
written on 3 Jan 2013 @ Thursday, January 03, 2013 ✈

Since I was a kid, I've always loved Christmas because there's cartoons, candy canes (though I don't get to eat them coz my family don't celebrate Christmas and we were kinda poor to indulge in the festivity), Christmas songs, snow in the movies they play on tv, it's a Public Holiday, although it doesn't make much of a difference to me since it was the school holidays anyway, and my dad will come home  from work and bring back party packs as he works in the hotel F&B line and usually hotel cafes will have party packs. That was my favorite part. The party packs and my sis and I will exchange mini presents with each other.

The joy of being a kid.

Grown up and all, I still love Christmas, because I know of a deeper meaning to it. I attend church and understood it's the birth of Jesus Christ that we are celebrating for, the season of love and joy and giving. Christmas is pretty much a hyped up affair and yes, I still equate it to snow and hollies, fireplace and presents. 

Christmas is my favorite season of the year, and each year I look forward to it.

Being with dear gave me a chance to experience family Christmas celebrations I never had as his family does celebrate Christmas and there'll be Christmas tree, Christmas dinner, and presents. 

Above all these, it's the companionship and his family's close relationships that makes my heart fire up with joy. 

I love them all, including his grandma, uncles, aunties and cousins.    

Last year, kinda strange to use 'last year' since it's still quite recent, haha, we celebrated Christmas over at Grand Mercure.

This is the hotel lobby. Beautiful house that makes me wanna eat it. Ok, compose girl and don't do embarrassing stuffs.

Is my sequin dress pretty? It's from ASOS. My clutch is from YSL, shipped from UK.

This is dear's grandma, at age 93 I think?

Another favorite part of Christmas is having sweet treats. But after which I will have to exercise to burn them all off.

A group photo of everyone. Missing peeps are Linda and Pauline. Linda's with her husband Flo in Germany and Pauline is with her bf overseas as well.

Petrina, Dexter and Michelle.

All 4 girls. Me, Mich, Sheena and Petrina.

Back at dear's place. His family has this tradition to take family photos during Christmas and Chinese New Year. We took plenty of photos but I like this the most.

As you can see, most of the time we pose like this. Smile and that's it. For the photo below, I helped them to take and I asked them to do a fun pose!

Dear as usual, being the 'cool' guy, refused to do a fun pose, but even his dad, who is usually more of the serious type of man had fun doing it too! So after 3 persuasions asking dear to come up with a pose, this is what appeared.......

I hope they are all very happy!!

It was around 11 plus and we watched Michael Buble's Christmas edition on tv while waiting for the clock to strike 12.

Yay it's midnight! We got the presents under the tree and placed them all together...

This is what I got from his family.

Wow! A Samsonite laptop bag! It's so pretty and useful for my work! Love it!

Super heros for dear from his family? Lol!

We got Mich a River Island clutch and a DKNY scarf.

His mum a Bobbi Brown blusher and DKNY scarf.

I got for dear...

A Ted Baker messenger bag.

We got his dad a Vinturi red & white wine aerator.

Back in his room... 

He gave me my present...

Did you guys notice that both of us got each other a Forever Friend's Xmas card? This is called hearts joined as one. Lol!!!!

Woohoo! A blue box!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tiffany & Co.

I wanted this charm bracelet since what, in the early 2000s? But I've never bought it coz I feel that it's kinda expensive to buy just silver. But I got my wishlist fulfilled!! I'm a happy girl! 

Thank you darling, you know me best and will go all lengths to make me happy. :)

I hope each and everyone of you have enjoyed your Christmas and greater things to come in 2013!


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