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I Don't Understand Why She Loves....
written on 2 Dec 2012 @ Sunday, December 02, 2012 ✈

I thought my blog got a little boring already with all updates on my Europe trip. There's still alot more days to cover for the trip so I decided to take a break from it.

This entry is dedicated to the MEN who DON'T GET IT.


So you see, I'm an avid reader of magazines, be it local mags or mags from other countries. Different magazines cater to different groups of readers (obviously). 

What do I read?

Her World
Harper's Bazaar
Singapore Tatler

I don't buy all of them on a monthly basis, if not it's kinda pricey on the pocket. Usually I will pick and choose, depending on what articles they feature on the cover and of course whether it interests me or not. Sometimes if they have a cover girl that I like, I will buy it too, just for the sake of reading about her. Besides, all of you should know my love for fashion by now.I simply love flipping those glossy pages and looking at the trends, models, to the hair and makeup. 

Well, I came across this one page section in Her World December's issue about men who says "I Don't Understand Why She Loves...."

I thought it's rather hilarious and wanted to share with you all. 

For the men who don't get what women thinks or do, sometimes it just works this way. Just as I can't understand why men do certain things too.

I will start from the top clockwise.

To Edward:
"Stiletto heels. I can't imagine the damage if a woman accidentally stepped on someone's toes, especially in the MRT train during peak hour."

Hahhahahaha! You see, heels makes us taller, for one, two, it makes our legs look more slender. There's something sexy about a women wearing heels than pumps, because visually, it just looks more attractive. Check out Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. 95% of the girls will wear heels in fashion shows, even though they are like really tall already. 

And men, you dare say you don't like to watch Victoria's Secret Fashion Show????? Look at all those sexy heels. Haha... imagine the girls strutting on the runway decked in lingerie, wings, but erm I dunno, slippers, flats, or pumps? It just doesn't match.

Alot of men whom I know tells me they prefer to look at girls who wear heels.

There, your answer Edward. Coz men are visual animals. So maybe, partially what we do is for you. Or maybe some of us just like to doll up, and it's mainly for personal self-esteem. That's how girls are wired. Heh. 

Coming from a lady's perspective... I will say, wear what you like, but don't forget to take care of your precious feet too. Wearing heels all the time can be very damaging in the long run. Alternate your shoes for different occasions.

So then, Mr Guy might ask, "Why wear heels if it's damaging?"

Price of beauty, you may call it.

Since we know that visually we look more attractive, and hey, it's a confidence boost as well, at least for me. Whenever I wear heels I feel alot more confident. 

But, I do hate wearing heels while having to balance myself in the train. I have to hold on to something or else I fear I'll fall.

I remember an incident where the train break really hard and I nearly fell. There was a man standing about 0.5m away from me. When the train jerked, I lost my balance and I slapped my hand on the stranger's arm for balance.


I also hate wearing stilettos and walking on pavements that have holes in it. Sometimes the heels being thin will get stuck in between the holes. Tsk tsk. 

I have a friend of mine (not gonna mention any names) who will never ever wear flats. Every time I see her, she's all dolled up and in short dresses and heels. She told me that she will never find a bf who is shorter, of the same height or just slightly taller than her because she loves heels too much and she wants her man to be much taller than her, even when she wears sky high heels. And she stands at around 1.68m?

Haha... so heels are pretty important to some ladies out there.

As to stepping onto someone's toes in a packed-like sardine train, I myself have been stepped on before. It was definitely painful. However, we do try not to step on people's toes right, whether we are in heels or flat or sports shoes... At the end of the day, we just wanna look good.

Who doesn't wanna look good?

Nowadays people are more dressy as compared to last time. It's all about "impression counts".

To Jerome:
"Platform heels. It's like strapping bricks onto your feet."

I agree with you. Hahahahha.... If the platform shoes look like this

I cannot appreciate this type of platform shoes. It's really chunky. These were rather popular in the 1990s. I remember when I was 17, I owned one. Guilty as max but yeah, if you were to ask me, I don't like them now either.

But, fashion has evolved and if the platform shoes look like this

Then it's a yes for me. I don't actually wear them coz it's way too high for normal day to day wear, even for special occasions I prefer heels that are easier to walk in, but for this type of heels, it's so much better looking than the first right? 

To Daniel:
"Leg hair removal cream. Leg hair is not that obvious and it's going to grow back anyway."

Yes, it is obvious and if makes us feel sexier to have hairless legs with the softest skin. Some girls are born without much body hair, hormones and all, that's great.. but there are the slightly less fortunate ones who are rather hairy. It's not a very pretty sight really.

We can always go for IPL to remove hair so that it's more permanent although leg hair removal cream is a cheaper alternative. 

At the end of they day, it's really looking more feminine and prettier. Do you prefer your girl to have leg number one or leg number two at the bottom?

To Richard:
"Diamonds. They're just bits of carbon-based rocks. How do these miniatures sparklers make a woman happy?"

Diamonds are a girl's best friend. We like things bling. The thing is, it makes us happier if the sparkler is given to us by someone we love. The happiness is brought to us by the person, the gesture. The token of love. Not exactly the sparkler itself.

As materialistic a person can be, at the end of the day, money and diamonds cannot buy you love. And we humans, need company and love more than diamonds.

If someone whom I don't love were to give me a diamond ring or diamond necklace from Cartier, I don't think I will be happy. I won't accept it either as much as I love diamonds.

Nuff' said.

To Leonard:
"Fake eyelashes. They make women's eyes look unreal. I prefer the natural look."

Before makeup. Before eyelashes.

After makeup and with fake eyelashes.

Kawaii ne!

*Photos credit to the owner.

Really meh Leonard?

I'm a huge fan of faux eyelashes and almost can't do without them. I have single lids, small and sleepy eyes. I have been using eyeliner to make my eyes bigger since I was 16 I think.

No makeup face. I had eyebrow embroidery done 2-3 years ago. And no, I don't use contact lens. I'm scared to stick dem in my eyes. I showed my sister the above photo and she ask me to remove it from my instagram. -______________________________- (this photo is in my instagram). Maybe it's too scary. Lol...

Makeup with fake eyelashes.

I love how makeup does wonders! And I'm still sticking to faux eyelashes.

I know not all girls will agree with me. It's just my personal preference. Faux eyelashes were used in the olden days only for weddings and it's considered too dramatic for daily use. For this era, things are different already. See the ulzzang makeup trend.

To Mcken:
"Blusher. Not many women can create a natural glow on their cheeks. They usually overdo it, making their cheeks look sunburnt."

Yes Mcken, you're right if the blusher looks like this. Makeup requires skills and proper lighting. Sometimes if the lighting is bad, it makes you apply more then you should too.

If all of us can do this type of makeup....

Wouldn't it be nice?

So Mcken, you're probably the only one I agree with totally.

Hope you've enjoyed this entry, coming from my perspective!

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