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I Dreamt A Dream That Can Be Made Into A Movie
written on 20 Oct 2012 @ Saturday, October 20, 2012 ✈

Woah, a pretty long title for a start, but it spells out exactly what I'm about to write.

Just this morning, my mum woke me up because my air-con's swinger wasn't swinging and she didn't know how to use the remote controller to make the swing move. That's at 8.30am. I set my alarm at 10.30am. So this makes it 2 hours for the dream to come and unfortunately it didn't finish because I was woken up by my alarm.

I don't know how to put it across but I pretty much like my dream. It felt like I was watching a movie yet at times I am in it as well. You know how bizarre dreams can be right?

So anyway, I hope to translate my dream into words and with no pictorials to guide, I hope my description is solid enough for you to understand because the dream is somewhat in bits and pieces. You will have to of course use your imagination to create the picture in your head.

Scene 1.
An ang moh lady (let's name her Amanda) who is the lead of this erm untitled 'movie' is in her own apartment. Somehow I already know the apartment is shared with her elder sister (let's name her Shannen). Shannen was the target to be killed by a group of unscrupulous crooks. I'm not sure if she did anything wrong or not. At that point, Shannen was out of the house.

Amanda has a boyfriend (let's name him Ryan). So, what happened was Amanda's house was set on fire and she died. Of course Ryan was heart-broken.

Scene 2.
The exact same scene as scene 1. Amanda is in the house and the crooks are about to set fire on the house. Something different about the scene is that Amanda has not met Ryan in this lifetime. When the house is set ablaze, Ryan dashed in and saved Amanda. The moment both their eyes met, Amanda knew that she knew Ryan in her past life. Amanda was saved but Ryan died.

Ryan apparently knew that Amanda will die if he didn't replace a death so he sacrificed his life for her because his love for her is so deep.

Amanda tried buckets. It was such a heart-breaking scene.

Scene 3.
Almost the same scene as scene 1. This time Shannen and Amanda are both in the house. Shortly after, Shannen disappeared from the house (I don't know why, dreams are weird) and Amanda is left alone. They were cooking and something was burning at the stove. Amanda panicked and she quickly called the security of the estate. The securities quickly ran to her apartment and Ryan is one of the security guard.

Their eyes quickly met and both knew they were lovers from their past lives.

(Funny thing is the house was burnt like twice already but everything looks the same, and even the era also is the same. As I say, dreams are weird. Lol....)

Scene 4.
Amanda and Ryan plus Shannen were out.

(After I woke up, I tried to recall what the place looks like and perhaps I just returned from Europe not too long ago, the place looks pretty much like Amsterdam.)

So, let's set the scene to be at Amsterdam.

3 of them holding hands which looks like this:

In order from left to right, Ryan, Amanda and Shannen. 3 of them happily talking. 

AND, I became Amanda. I remember feeling the ang moh guy's palms on my palms and me holding on tightly to Shannen as well. Lol... The thought that ran in my head was, "Wah, handsome ang moh is holding my hand." DUH.

Why I chose to name them the names is because, these would be the people I pick to cast in this movie. 

Amanda Seyfried as Amanda.

 Ryan Reynolds as Ryan.

Shannen Doherty as Shannen.

Seriously I don't remember how each of them look like in my dream anymore. I remember the lead girl as blonde and the guy is pretty cute looking but with a tinge of toughness. After all, like a hero, he saved his gf from the fire right? I thought Ryan Reynolds fits the bill. I chose Amanda Seyfried because I like her. I was trying to think of a hot elder sister for Amanda and Shannen Doherty came to mind.

Ok, so I continue with Scene 4.

3 of them went into a CD shop. Shannen went off to dunno where and finally ME and Ryan have alone time. We chat a little and both of us became kinda sad coz we know either one of us is going to die soon in the apartment.

Suddenly, Ryan got a call from his ex-gf. His ex-gf is my real-life colleague. Bah! Talk about weirdness. Anyway, to keep the secrecy of which colleague I dreamt of, I shall name her Fiona.

Apparently, Fiona needed Ryan's help. So, Ryan sent me back home. I remember vividly trying my best to feel magnanimous about the situation but was pretty jealous at the same time. Off he went.

Time passed and suddenly someone came knocking on the door. I was sooooo afraid it would be the crooks. I opened the door and Ryan was standing at the door. I was so thrilled to see him of course I hugged him. He then explained to me why Fiona needed him to be there.

Too bad I don't remember what he said anymore.

Then I can't remember anything else from the so-called movie!!!! Either I woke up already or the scenes just chose to disappear.

--------------------------------------Abrupt end of story---------------------------------------------

Now that I'm super awake, I was thinking, if in their past 2 lives one of them had to die, can the 3rd life of theirs be different? Can they choose not to be in the house during the time the crooks come and set fire? Can they travel out of country? Etc etc.

Arghz, it just frustrates me why can't I have an ending to the dream.

This story can way be expanded into a solid script and make it into a movie. Hahahaha.... Which by the way, I'm claiming copyright here. Who knows one fine day a movie is really made huh. I hope the directors will cast those people I have mentioned.

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