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Europe Part III (Paris II)
written on 20 Nov 2012 @ Tuesday, November 20, 2012 ✈

This is going to be an extremely colourful and full of pictures post.

Today, I'm bringing you with me to Paris Disneyland!

I'm only 2 years away from the big '3'0 but yes, still kiddish at heart. Whenever you step in to a theme park, you'll feel as if you're back to being a kid. At least I do.

Formula to stay young, keep going to theme parks but don't take rides that are too scary. Lol!

I've only been to Hong Kong's Disneyland thus far, so I can only compare the two. Hong Kong's alot smaller, some rides probably are the same. If you're talking about merchandise, somehow I find more things to buy at Hong Kong's than Paris's.

Anyway, let's start the day! Auntie and Uncle didn't come with us 'kids'. They went shopping I think.

At Disneyland!!!! Lots and lots of people. There are 2 parks to this Disneyland, Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park.

Mickey greeting you!

Even before entering a specific park, there's a shop to entice you already.

I had to bring a Duffy back no matter what. Shop slowly! Yes, I'm in love with this bear!!!!!

Can't resist but to take a photo with a bunny. In this case, Thumper.

I want!!!!

We decided to go to Walk Disney Studios first.

The two ang moh kids look so cute and photogenic! No liquifying needed. So unfair!

Our very first adventure in Walk Disney Studios Park. This is a must watch if you're ever there. The show is superb! They don't allow photo taking so I only have 2 pics to show you guys.

One of the ride we decided to take is Crush Coaster. I'm not the type to take roller coaster or anything that makes my heart drop, so we though Crush Coaster was fine.

Hell no.

It's got to be the scariest ride I ever took in my life. Hahaha! Ok you see, my heart is weak and I can't really take such rides. FYI, I hate pirate ships. 

If you see such signs as below, you might wanna avoid these type of rides. Obviously we thought it's ok so we went for it.

Inside Crush Coaster, it's like a roller coaster I assume. The ride was so fast and erm dark actually, so we didn't know which way we were falling. I got to say I kinda enjoyed it but well, scary level is 9 out of 10 for me.

By the way, the waiting time for most of the rides we had was about 1-1.5 hours. We didn't exactly took alot of rides.

Slinky Dog didn't have any queue. But it's a boring ride. :X Great for kids though.

I head that this is the scariest ride of all, the Hollywood Tower. It's a free fall type of ride so if you're into thrills, please try this!

Hello, Mr Walt Disney, you're looking dapper.

Hungry already, time to have a meal. Always love the theme parks fast food meals, coz the packaging is always so cute! It makes you feel happy munching the burger.

I'm a crazy fan of metallic helium balloons.

Sigh, why so pretty? This is Disney Hotel. All 3 of us were like, oh man, we wanna stay here!!!

It's Disneyland's 20th Anniversary. According to Michelle, there's a special segment of fireworks for the anniversary.

Big Duffy!!!!!!!!!!

This is the Duffy I got eventually. Cute max. Bought it because it's in Christmas outfit and since I love Christmas so much, this is it.

Oh ya, tips to buying e.g. soft toys in Disneyland Paris. Try not to buy at the first store that you step foot in, but walk around a little more. 

They sell similar stuffs and apparently, this Xmas Duffy bear I got was at one of the shops that sells all things Christmas. It was like half the price or something as compared to one of the shops we got into initially. They were having a promotion.

Fortunately I didn't buy it at first because the price bothers me. I thought it's a little too ex to pay for a soft toy you see. So imagine my joy when we went to the Xmas store and I found this Duffy at SGD$25 or $27 thereabout. 

So I brought home this Duffy :)

Hehe.. another Duffy.

Pirates of the Caribbean. Dear likes this.

We took this ride and apparently we're not quite prepared for the camera. Dear was dodging the waters. Hahahha!

Dear contemplated a long long time whether to get this skull globe. Nope, he didn't buy it in the end.

Mich, the pirate. Fear her or she's gonna chop you to pieces!

Always love the parade because it's so lively and colourful and happy! This time round we stood further away to have a bird's eye view but unfortunately, my camera's zoom isn't that great so this is the best I can capture.

Yes, this is the Christmas shop. I don't know about you, but I simply love Christmas. I actually love Christmas more than my own birthday and Valentine's Day. 


I lump all these in. Santa, winter, presents, joy, public holiday, cartoons, cool weather (in Singapore), Christmas trees, log cakes, turkeys... That's all I can think of for now. These are the exact things I love about Christmas since I was a kid and all the way it hasn't changed. Maybe not so much of the cartoon part, but the rest stays.

My birthday is usually not a PH unless it falls on Chinese New Year. My birthday's in February so there are times it clashes with CNY. But people are usually visiting so it's kinda hard to celebrate during cny.

Valentine's day is all sweet and romantic, when you have a partner. But I always feel a little sorry for those who are single because I'm sure they won't like to spend Valentine's Day alone.

So you see, Christmas is a time where families get-together, gift exchange where it involves everyone, caroling happening in the malls, Christmas trees and lights... So lovely. 

It actually makes me feel happier when everyone is enjoying it too.

Christmas decors, all so pretty!!!

Dear and his Stitches.

This Cinderella's not Christmas related, but it's so lovely right? This came from another shop I think.

The night time for the sky to turn dark is super late, comparing to Singapore. At 9pm, it was still so bright! Like our 5pm. Their fireworks will only start at 10.15pm, and for the whole time, the 3 of us were contemplating whether to stay and watch the fireworks or to leave.

Main reason for not staying was due to safety. Disneyland is pretty far from where we are staying. It will probably take us 1.5 hours to reach back to our hotel.

If we watch finish the fireworks, it will be too late and trains don't seem that safe. Therefore, for safety reasons, we decided to leave. 

We were all disappointed definitely, coming all the way to Paris and not watching the best part of it, but we think that we shouldn't compromise safety.

While heading out, another shop enticed us to take a quick look....

And so, it was bye bye Disneyland!

I found a video of the show we missed on youtube. Would have loved to watch it live but never mind... Enjoy!

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