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recent update :
Chaumet x Material Queen
written on 7 Nov 2012 @ Wednesday, November 07, 2012 ✈

A rather long story about how I started watching Material Queen (拜金女王). Ok, so I started missing Daniel Chan out of the blue, thinking why did he disappear from the entertainment scene. He was a pop idol in the 1990s, my teenage years. I remember loving his movies and his songs. He sure can sing. My favourite song of his was 心理游戏. I happen to find 初恋无限 Touch on ipad streaming, and yes, it propels from there.

I then googled Daniel Chan to see where did he disappear to and found that his last drama wasn't that long ago! It was 2011. The drama is Material Queen.

Material Queen aired on Channel U some time back. Maybe this year? I can't really remember coz normally I don't watch tv, unless anyone at home happen to turn on the tv or at dear's house, if we have nothing much to do at night and just simply lazing around, we flip channels to watch. He's not a great fan of Taiwanese drama so normally it's shows like CSI etc that we will watch.

I didn't exactly like the idea of this Material Queen girl because SHE'S JUST TOO MATERIALISTIC. Oh well, that was the small scenes I happen to catch and it didn't give me a very good impression of the show. I mean, I really don't quite like this kinda character you see. At that point of time, I didn't bother to 'chase' after the drama.

Ok, so now, in order to watch Daniel Chan in a show, I decided to give Material Queen a chance. Ok, just to clarify, nope, I'm not that huge a fan of Daniel Chan too if you were to ask me. I just admire his vocals and acting. The stage of having an idol is way passe.

So anyway, dang! I'm seriously hooked to Material Queen.


1) Setting of the place is in Paris. A place of love. Oh, I haven't got the chance to talk about my trip in Paris yet. I hope I won't spoil anyone's image of Paris though. I still wanna believe and feel that it is a place of romance and love. That's how all movies portray anyway.

2) This show made me cry buckets. Wah, seriously, so sad or not?

3) Actually the materialistic girl is not that materialistic lah. She's got a kind heart.

4) It is extremely heart warming.

5) Love story

6) Music- violin. I'm a music lover you see.

7) Plenty of beautiful clothes and shoes and accessories!!!!

8) Branded stuffs? (Maybe alot of girls have that wee bit of materialistic vibe in us. lol)

I'm only at Episode 11 by the way. So whatever I'm commenting here is up till Ep 11.

So talking about branded things, in the drama they keep showcasing 2 brands. Chaumet and Christian Dior. I especially love the Chaumet bangle, all because there's a story to it.

I guess that's how marketing works. A beautiful story to sell.

This bangle kept showing up. A symbol of the 2 leads love.

Liens de Chaumet bangle.

The love story behind the bangle.

A man buys this bangle for the lady he loves. He will put it on for her as a symbol of their love for each other and promising never to leave each other. It cannot be removed, no matter what, by the lady herself, if not she will end up sad, old and lonely. If ever it needs to be removed, only the man who gave the bangle to the lady can remove it.

Maybe in words it doesn't seem that romantic, but if you watch the drama, all the scenes so far that embraces this bangle is either so sweet or so sad. It simply stirs up the emotions in you. Maybe I'm someone who is easily evoked by emotions.

This bangle, after my research, costs about S$13,000.

 Image via: www.profile-graphics.net 
to Chaumet. Lol...

Some photos of Material Queen.

Paris, the city of Love.

How romantic this is.

Love it that Lynn Hung, who is the lead actress has so many different looks. Daniel Chan's role is smaller here, so not many photos of him.

After watching this drama, I like Vanness too! It's amazing what a drama can do. I sound like a giggly school girl. Omg. Just reliving teenage dreams. Hah!

Throughout my trip to Europe, Paris, in fact was the city that I like least. But after watching this drama, it has gained back that 'feel' of the place again.

I might be back to Paris next year. It's an incentive trip that I have achieved. I doubled qualified actually, so I have 2 tickets to Paris and accommodation will be paid for as well. I'm not too sure whether I wanna cash it or not. Will see how things go. Maybe it's alot more romantic when you're travelling with your partner only. This Europe trip was a family trip you see.

So anyway, this post is simply sharing about the drama and Chaumet. One more brand which is gonna be added to the list of likes that I have.

If you're into the 8 points I have mentioned above, you might wanna catch this drama too. Teehee!

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