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recent update :
Europe Part I (London)
written on 1 Nov 2012 @ Thursday, November 01, 2012 ✈

I was contemplating should I put this entry up since Europe was like 2 months ago. But hey, it's Europe! It's not everyday somebody from Singapore goes to Europe right? Besides, it was my virgin trip to the beautiful country, surely I should document something down?

I have more than 1200 photos taken (I believe) so obviously I won't be loading so many here. I shall pick the best and, I will give my best description as possible coz you see, it's been 2 months odd already and the fact that my memory is kinda fading doesn't help. Lol... talk about being old. Only 28 what?

So anyway, part of the reason why we decided on Europe is because, bf's baby sis was having her 6 months attachment in Finland, so we were there to help her pack some things back to Singapore as well as an excuse to tour Europe.

Ok, finally the long awaited day came. It was an exciting morning flight, the much anticipated time to fly to London Heathrow. Lol... no, I thought I wouldn't enjoy the 13.5 hours long flight, but apparently it wasn't that bad! I watched a number of movies and mostly slept and eat. My favourite movie that I watched was Bel Ami. It's really good that on my return flight, I watched it again.

Always love to travel together with his dad and his family coz we get to go to the SQ First Class lounge. Oh, and you can skip the queues like a VIP when you board the plane. Heh.

@SQ First Class Lounge, Changi Airport Terminal 3

Usually you see alot of business people in the lounge. There's one right behind me. I'm wearing my own leggings and Montrose Desires London Sequinned Retro Polka Dots in Pink Top.

Finally we touched down the airport and we met Mich, bf's baby sis. It's been almost 6 long months since we last saw her, so imagine the hugs and tears. 

London is 8 hours behind Singapore, so by the time we touched down, it's afternoon in London, which means we have a whole day ahead of us before we head to the hotel to rest. I've always wanted to know the feeling of jet-lag but apparently, in Singapore, I've been sleeping like 2am, so I really didn't feel any difference. Plus, I was very lucky to have slept pretty soundly in the plane. 

Streets of London. 


We stayed at this hotel. Corus Hotel Hyde Park.

From our research, most hotel rooms in London and Paris are really small. Indeed. 

Even the washroom is so small, I kept bumping into the sink -_-

More of the streets...

We had a simple dinner and by chance, we found a really lovely park which was near our hotel.

Why are the plants so much prettier???? Not fair!!

Uncle and Auntie.

Hi! My Sweetheart!

And so that was our first day in London.

The next morning, we had the best breakfast throughout our Europe trip. It was near to where our hotel is.

Super delectable breakfast. And oh so full!

Apparently, you can rent a bike! There're plenty of cyclists in London.

And we headed to a train station to buy train tickets. Camwhore time.

So the 3 youngsters went to Madame Tussards while the senior folks went elsewhere.

Madame Tussards to most people isn't something new. They have it in Hong Kong and now Bangkok! So, I shall just post a few photos here. Afterall, they're just wax statues.

These have got to be my favourite already. Sidetrack, I'm soooooo looking forward to the final installment of Twilight! 

The little girl has the making of Audrey Hepburn!

What I love about the this Madame Tussards here is that they have a ride included as well as a haunted house called Scream. We decided to be adventurous and went into the Scream. We have an awesome time, erm screaming. Haha! Pre-halloween stuff.

Mich and I were holding on to each other so tightly, and well, the people who came to scare us probably knows we will scream, so we were their subjects or victims. :X

Then, it was off to meet his parents again. Take a look at one of their train stations. Some of the train stations look ok, some are really backward I would say. I'm kinda glad that we had a chance to experience all of this which we wouldn't if it was like a guided tour. But, wait till you hear about Paris. Ha. More of that in another post.

Then we headed to a mall (sorry I forgot the name already) and then it was dinner time. Tony, bf's friend, whom I also know since sec school days, used to study in London. He was telling us that this is the best Asian food you can find in London. And yeah, we went. 

Looks really delicious. If you talk about the Asian food standards there, I guess it is pretty decent. But if you were to compare it to Singapore, of course there are better ones out there.

And then, it was back to hotel to rest. End of day 2.

3rd day in London. To the Buckingham Palace/ Big Ben/ London Eye/ Tower Bridge/ London Bridge/ Harrods

So touristy!

Breakfast as usual, kinda similar to the 2nd day's breakfast but wasn't as nice. So shall skip this part.

We wanted to go and see the parade where the guards will change their shift. Sadly, that day they cancelled it. Boo.

Buckingham Palace. Crazy number of people.

Oh, check these out!

And we walked further and went to a park. Their parks are so lovely.

Ok, back to the strrets.

Caught sight of Big Ben already.

Hey hey, London Eye. Eye see you.

Street performers. <3 it! 

It started pouring so we went indoors. There was an arcade so we played there while waiting for the rain to stop. #funstuffs

Oh, we're this close to the London eye already.

Buying tickets to go to....

From where we were standing, we could still see Big Ben!

Tickets bought. My thumb nail. Marbling effect. Done by Ruddy!

Do you see the Olympic signage? I would have thought that will be London Bridge, really. But we were deceived!!! It's so grand looking right? This is Tower Bride apparently.

A normal looking bridge....

Please look at its name...

So this is London Bridge. :X

Off to Harrods for shopping!!!!

Didn't buy alot of stuffs there, some soft toys and souvenirs. Dinner at Mandarin Kitchen. Lobster noodle's their specialty. It is delicious.

And so, it was end of day 3.

Day 4. In the morning we had some time before our train to Paris. So we went to Buckingham Palace again to catch the changing guards.

Finally we got to see them. The crowd was once again crazy, so we couldn't exactly see alot of happenings.

Train to Paris. 

Seats were really comfortable. Slept for quite abit, and we reached Paris in no time. The place I've always dreamt of visiting.

Paris shall be continued. :)

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