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Tech Geek Presents Nikon 1 J2 x Fashion Tres Chic
written on 16 Feb 2013 @ Saturday, February 16, 2013 ✈

People whom I'm acquainted with knows that I LURVE taking pictures. Apparently that's how often I take pics huh since acquaintances also know right (those on Facebook for eg)? Maybe it's pretty much to satisfy the inner vain goddess in me or just simply, pictures are memories.

One thing about growing older. I can hardly remember what I ate for lunch yesterday. So yup, capturing the moment is actually really important to me, coz afterall, I am a sentimental creature.

Looking back at those memories will bring a smile to my face too. Of course, that cannot be done without a camera right?

I am super duper happy to recommend NIKON 1 J2!!!!!

Ok, a little bit of a story first. You see, my dear super nice boyfriend knows how much I wanted a better camera as compared to my then compact camera that I had 2 years ago, which was great to take night shots but sadly, it couldn't take motion shots. Like not at all, even in good lighting. The fact is that I also love going to fashion shows and social events so without a good camera to take motion shots, is pretty much a waste.

As a Christmas present in 2010, he bought me a Nikon 1 J1. He was deciding to get me a camera or a $1000 Mont Blanc pen. $1000 pen crazy ah?? Lol... So I chose a camera because I felt that it is something which can capture memories and it is a tool for me to eh hem! CAMWHORE. And so, he brought me to the IT fair to take my pick. As you know right, IT Fair have all sorts of different brands of cameras and deals, so it took me a long time to finally pick J1 out of them all. That was September if I'm not wrong, so yup, it's an advanced Christmas gift which I so love.  I'm still using it of course. J1 travelled with me to Perth that year and have accompanied me to other trips like Guilin & Bkk, and not forgetting the multiple events I had.

And now, technology advances and here comes Nikon 1 J2. Afterall, I've been using J1 for the past 2 years and wouldn't it be great to have a newer version (J2)? Plus, I absolutely adore J1 for it's sleek design, the weight is acceptable for me as a lady to be bringing it around everywhere that I go especially on holiday trips, and the functions are suited to my needs. Therefore, I have my 101% trust in that J2 is something not to be missed.

Before I share with you what I have researched on J2, I thought it's great for me to share my experience on using J1 for the past 1+ year too.

Me! Wah my hair's so short!! With all my Christmas presents from dear & his family in 2011. Lotsa freebies too at the IT fair with a dry-cabinet, Nikon tripod, screen protector, an extra original battery and an 8GB SD card. ALL MINE. Hehehe...

At that point of time, I chose white because I thought it looked the loveliest. Like an angel in white. There was pink and black too at the fair but pink was like $100 more expensive or something and black, na, too common. I always preferred to stand out from the crowd.

Now, I'm gonna show you photos I've taken with my J1.

These are obviously motion shots, taken with Nikon 1 J1 at Orchard Fashion Steps Out in 2012. Lighting condition was at night of course, street lights and lightings by organizer for the road runway. I took these shots with the original lens and I used the built-in flash. I didn't buy any additional lens throughout these 2 plus years.

Another Fashion Show example of motion shots was at ST Classifieds Fashion & IT Showcase where Montrose Desires had its very first runway show. All apparels you see below are from Montrose Desires.

 Super love her, Vivien Ong (above). So edgy.

Here's me on stage, shaking like mad but had to compose myself while I address the crowd. All these photos were taken using Nikon 1 J1 by dear.

Hey, I'm on screen!! :P

So you got the gist of the camera already right? I have to say I am IMPRESSED by the motion shots J1 delivers. Moreover, me being a first timer using a semi-pro camera, J1 was fairly easy to grasp in terms of its functions. Of course, there are alot more to J1 but I shall not go too in-depth into in because the star of the day is J2!

What's in store for J2 then?

 Clarity with a view
921K-dot ultra high-resolution 3.0 inch LCD
It comes in 6 delicious colors and my pick would be the classy sexay RED! Actually between red & pink, it was a tough call but I think red suited me more. Heh.

Key features:

1) Advanced Hybrid Auto-focus System
The camera is so smart can! J2 gives an accurate & sharp focus, which means it is super high speed. A special moment can just be lost but with J2, I'm sure that moment will be captured! 

*Pictures taken from Nikon USA website, and I made it into a gif image. It consists of 10 separate images. Made 2 gifs for you to have a better glimpse of it.

Heh heh! Watch out for me, while I go snapping like crazy!

2) Compact/ light weight
This has got to be true since I carry around my J1 when I go travelling. In case you wanna know, J2's weight is approximately 280g with battery & memory card but without body cap, approximately 237g (camera body only)

3) Creative mode
Hello? You kidding? By adjusting the mode dial which boasts 8 options, you get the DESIRED EFFECT you want on your photos. This is like a blogger's dream come true. Goodbye photoshop. Lol...

4) Smart photo selector
It starts shooting even before I press the shutter. You better not be caught digging your nose in the public. Haha! The camera chooses the best shot for you.

5) Taking photos during Full HD recording
There are times you wanna have a video AND a photo at the same time right? Instead of having your hands all over the equipment, viola! J2 gives you the ease of mind to by simultaneously taking a video and stills without dropping a single frame. 

6) Full HD
Enough said. Chioness in high definition quality

7)  Turning on/off with retractable lens
Easy peasy, you don't even need to press the on/off button. You just need to rotate the zoom ring on the lens. 

8) Bulit-in flash
Need I say more? You don't need a bulky pop up flash anymore.

9) Mount adapter FT1
The extensive lineup of NIKKOR lenses may be used with Nikon 1 through this adapter

Did you know?
Nikon 1 J2 camera has an electronic shutter and the shutter sound effect can be switched off for completely silent shooting. The camera lacks dust reduction, instead relying on the infra-red filter protecting the sensor from dust, it's also much further forward, so that any dust should be less visible in photos. Awesome or what?

If you're the more technical sorta person, you may wish to go to this link http://bit.ly/Y2OiSY for more information k.

Something quick I came out with:

N ice looking cam
I ntelligent technology
K udos to it being super good la
O ptimum in its speed
N oteworthy to join in the awesome class of cameras!

And so, the reason why I picked red for J2 is because I simply love red! Check these out...

My CNY outfit. Ang ang huat huat ah!

When I tone down my outfit, my bag's striking enough!

Hello red nails

I <3 this pic!

Even when I'm abroad!

Red is my choice of color! Imagine me with the red J2, it is SUPER DUPER AWESOME & fashionable yes? You can be too!!!

Take cue from Sandara Park from 2NE1!

 Or a handsome tech geek boy

Kimura Takuya holding my favorite red!!

Even if you're not a superstar which is ok, you can be fashionable and have fun with Nikon 1 J2 too!

And now, just in case you don't know, Nuffnang is having a contest. All you need to do is to blog about Nikon J2.

How to win?

1.    Learn about the features of the Nikon 1 J2 here: http://nikon1.nikon-asia.com/
2.    Choose your favourite colour out of the 6 Nikon 1 J2 camera colours
3.    Snap a photo of yourself in an outfit that matches the colour you selected 
4.    Blog about how everyone can look good and fashionable with Nikon 1 J2 camera
5.    Include http://bit.ly/Y2OiSY into your blogpost

6.    Submit your blogpost permalink with your details in the form here. 

That's right! I'm generous to share with all my readers to go and join the contest ok! Coz I really love J1 and I'm sure J2 will be even better. Not forgetting, you need to be a Nuffnang member too ya. If you're not, go and join now! What are you waiting for?

Till then, sending some love...

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