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recent update :
Supermodels Makeup and the Au Naturale
written on 16 Jul 2013 @ Tuesday, July 16, 2013 ✈

Sometimes I think I have blogging mental block. I was thinking of a topic to write on. Something girly and fun. So I took 10 minutes to think of this topic. To me, 10 minutes is kinda slow coz I'm usually pretty fluent in writing. I can just come up with something and write. And then what I think I'll type it down, then read and refine it multiple times before I hit post.

That being said, of course I'm human and sometimes I'm immune to my own fault. Therefore, you might be able to spot mistakes which I can't find. Lol... 

So anyway, today, I took inspirations from the web, and I decided to do a post on the make up of S.U.P.E.R.M.O.D.E.L.S !

My personal friends would have known that I'm a great fan of Victoria's Secret. Their annual fashion shows are to die for. I believe I've blogged about it many times from my old blogs, on the fashion shows itself. But hey, today I'm gonna talk about their make up!

I love to makeup!!! And the thing is I'm also pretty vain. Except the times I hit the coffeeshop near my place, I'll do without makeup. BUT, if I have a zit or two, I will still use concealer to to hide them. This is call too self-conscious. Lol.. Otherwise, you'll never see me without makeup. Of course, only the family and the boyfriend would have seen me at my best and worst. I look like crap at home and I'm sure the postman who comes to my house to deliver my stuffs whenever I order things online will resist from looking at me right in the face or they might puke their breakfast or lunch out. Hahaha...

I hate how the paparazzis take photos of celebrities without their makeup and posting them up when they are not camera ready. I don't think they look all that bad without their makeup, but just caught in some fugly way.  

So let's check out how the supermodels of Victoria's Secret, past and present, on how they look, with and without makeup.

One of my favorite angels. She looks soooooo sweet, even in va va voom lingerie. And totally non-trashy. 

Miranda Kerr

This is either the flash (which I doubt so) or her face is actually kinda oily. Like mine! Supermodels are just humans too. Everyone will look just as great with the right team of people doing your hair, makeup and dressing you. But then again, truth is, I think I'll prefer to pick my own fashion styles than to have someone dressing me in horrendous outfits which may not spell me at all. I'm all game for versatility but not outrageously. :P

An example of a fugly pic. Otherwise, I do think she does look quite good still without makeup isn't it?

Oh yes baybee! Looking so chic and isn't her scarlet red lips soooooooooo kissable? Note to self: Buy a scarlet red lipstick.

Ooooh I so love smokey eyes. It's just too bad I suck at applying eye shadow, although my eyeliner skills is not bad la oh and putting falsies too!! Hahaha...

The natural kinda makeup which I pretty much love also. Great for everyday use.

Adriana Lima

Here you go, another fugly pic. And when she's all prepared to work her charm on the camera even without makeup....

Still pretty!

The bombshell is out!!

The above is lust-worthy. Lol...

Alessandra Ambrosio

 What? This is call no makeup? Why still so chio?

Oh yeah? You think I'm chio??? :X Another fugly pic caught on cam.

With makeup but no photoshopping! Looking great!

This is the same girl you see 2 pics above. Kakaka...

Tyra Banks 

Ok, the above pic spooked me somewhat. Enough said. And that was camera ready right?

But when Tyra's all dolled up, she looks a million bucks!

Gisele Bundchen

So unfair! No makeup still look so gorgeous?

Or maybe not? She looks like she just came back from the wet market, fighting with the fish or something. But hey, she's wearing hoop earrings.

And here goes, the glam queen rocks.

Super love this look. Hair tied up into a ponytail but still looking so red carpet worthy.

Heidi Klum

Crow feet around her eyes shows the signs of her age, but still beautiful.

A supermodel still eats ice-cream. Hello, what diet??? The thing about them is, perhaps once in a blue moon there's indulgence, but they work their butt off to fight away those fats.

Playing up her eyes and pale lips.

Doutzen Kroes

Her eyes are to die for. So amazingly beautiful.

Scarlet red lips again!

This is so so so beautiful!

 Rosie Huntington

She's braver than I am. Going out with a red hot zit on her face. And she's a supermodel.

They all have the same pouty lips I realise.

The above spells the type of makeup I so love.

Liu Wen

The one and only Chinese model from VS.

I can't say she's pretty in my eyes, but she's got the look of an Asian supermodel isn't it? I don't know how to describe but ya, you see it and you know it. Or perhaps it's the air of what a supermodel has.

Last but not least.........

Sharon Titania

Laugh die me!!! Not tall enough to be a runway model, not skinny enough also. But that's ok. I'm happy living my life. One of the rare pics I'll post of me without makeup. I'm sure you've seen this pic in one of my previous blog post already. Had to reuse the pic. 

When I'm properly dolled up and doing selfies.

Some of my friends ask me about the products I use for my makeup so I'm sharing with you today! This is the staple of my daily routine for my makeup, which I usually complete between 15-20 minutes. 

*I realise I forgot to put in Dolly Wink to my stash so it has a separate pic)

Products I use:

1)   Makeup primer for setting foundation: Clarins Instant Light Complextion Perfector
2)   Makeup primer for setting foundation: Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch
3)   Clarins BB Cream with SPF 40 (I don't actually use foundation)
4)   Clarins Loose Powder
5)   Dolly Wink eyebrow fill in powder
6)   Clarins Make-Up Your Way Palette (for shading of the nose and cheeks)
7)   Bronze Belle 8 Color Bronze Kit from Sephora (2nd shading of the nose)
8)   MAC Mineralize Skinfinish
9)   Lancome Pink Travel (Mainly I use the pink eye shadow for my eyes)
10) Majolica Majorca Cream Pencil Liner (my trademark lined eyes)
11) Majolia Majorca Lash Expander Frame Plus Mascara
12) Eye Putti (eyelash glue)
13) Eyelash box set bought from Taiwan
14) Ettusais Medicated Acne Concealer Oil Free
15) Bebe Poshe Princess Kiss Lipstick (I change my lip color almost daily, ranging from lipsticks to gloss, this happen to be what I was using yesterday)

And yup, there. My makeup stash. Makeup pouch's a gift from Vianne, all the way from the States. :) Usually, my key makeup stuffs that I will bring out would be numbers 10, 12, 14, 15 only, in case I need to touch up after I blot my face especially the need for concealer, and eyeliner if my eye gets smudged, and eye putti is to stick my faux eyelash back if it ever comes sticking out, and of course, lipstick or gloss for touching up after eating.

Hope you've enjoyed reading my entry!

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