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How To Stay Trim & Fit
written on 16 Jun 2013 @ Sunday, June 16, 2013 ✈

Alot of my friends and bf's family keep asking me how I stay slim. Truth is, I was skinnier back in those pageant days. Some says too slim/skinny then and I look better this way. To be honest, I do like myself 5 years ago slightly better, because I don't really have flabs yet, lol, but I'm embracing the curves I do have now. But one thing I do hate, my flabby arms! I still have them!!!!

Anyway, I like to strike a balance in what I do and how I look. I'm no celebrity, only the occasional plentiful camwhoring I do. I DO photoshop my pics most of the time, because I don't think I'm photogenic, so I need to enhance certain things to make the pic better. Everyone tells me I look better in real life. I guess that's a compliment. Haha... Sometimes it's just simply enhancing the colors when the pic taken is really, really of a good angle of me.

So, why am I digressing? Oh. The link is, look slim= look good in photos. It is true. I've seen celebrities who look really good in shows, in movies and all, but when I see them in real life, they are waaaaay too skinny in my opinion. In photos, they don't really need any stab of photoshopping actually. But did you know? Some of my guy friends tell me that they like their girl with a little meat? So that when they hug they won't feel like they're hugging a bag of bones!

To begin, let me share with you my statistics. I'm 164cm, weight last weigh is about 50.2kg (I was 47kg 5 years ago with the same height). My vital stats is 32", 26", 35". My BMI is now normal as compared to last time, when I was underweight.

Today, I'm going to share with you how to stay trim and fit! As I said earlier, I'm no celebrity, so I don't have any fitness trainer or dietitian to help me. Neither am I spending money to go to the gym or to get a physical trainer. Everything I do, I make myself happy and nothing overboard. It is what I do, you don't have to follow. I think what I'm doing is more of maintenance rather than a weight loss regime.

I used to jog around my neighborhood's park but with Singapore's weather, it makes it really tough for me to enjoy my jog. I'm not an early riser, so jogging at 6am is well, not impossible, but I choose not to. When I'm all ready to jog, it's likely at 9.30am, which means the sun is already out and it is HOT. Most of the time, by evening I'm already out of the house or preparing to go out, so jogging in the evening is out of the question.

What I do now, at the comfort of my home, I rely on the 2 videos.


Youtube is a joy. There's so many different tutorials for hair and makeup too! I get alot of tips from Youtube!

There, it's just a 10 minutes workout. The first time when I watched it without doing it, I thought, this looks so simple! The first time I tried it, my legs went jelly. I do jog occasionally, but even I find this workout tough. As time goes by, it gets better. I love that it is a short (the lazy me talking) FULL BODY workout. Yes, it works for your arms and your butt even, not just your legs.

I try to workout just 3 times a week, which is very little considering this is only a 10 minutes workout. Also, the 3 times include this too to tone my flabby arms.

3 times is super little, so you can do more if you want, just don't overdo it. The arms workout part, in the video they use 2 different weights but I only have 1 weight, which is 1kg, so I don't get to switch weights. Since it's rather hard to target slimming for my arms, I look at toning them instead.

There, my exercise regime. Not that difficult right?

Diet. Well, I try to eat healthily whenever I can. But I'm no saint. I succumb to sweet treats and desserts plus fried food. McDonald's kitties are quite killing too, they make me visit McDonald's more often than I like. Lol... But I missed the Frog and the McDelivery kitty!!! So sad! Anyone selling at not an exorbitant price?

Anyway, I make it a must to eat breakfast, so the latest I will wake up is 11am. Unless the night before I sleep at 5am or something, then that's a different story. Those days are rare, so I think that's ok.

Breakfast: 2 pieces of Gardenia bread with thinly spread kaya & butter. I don't even eat wholemeal. I take white bread mostly coz my family don't quite like wholemeal. Yes I do know wholemeal is healthier. 1 cup of nescafe 3-in-1 coffee.

Not entirely healthy, but I don't take greasy food for my start of the day. Holidays will be different. That's where buffet breakfasts are in and what not. And yes, usually I put on weight when I go overseas -_-

Lunch: Anything that fills my stomach. Depending if I'm home or out. Home, it's either home cooked meal or instant noodles. Home cooked means it consists of at least 2 dishes and 1 soup. Dishes can range anything like vegetables, to fried food like nuggets/scallops/fish fingers etc, eggs, potato (carbs!!!) and so on. 1 eat one plate of rice. Omg. It's full of carbs but yes, I do eat quite alot of rice. If my lunch is at home, I'll eat an apple after meal too or whatever fruit that is available like bananas or watermelon.

If I'm out, it depends. From cha siew rice to roti prata, or fish soup rice, fast food, all I eat. I eat just a regular meal. Not salads. Oh, I like to eat club sandwich though so if the place serves club sandwich, it's one of the top choices.

Dinner: My dinner is mostly out. So the food is the same as the food I will pick for what I have as a regular lunch outside. I try to avoid eating after 8pm. But sometimes it's not up to me especially when you go and eat as a group, so I'm kinda flexible. But if I'm with the bf only, I will try to eat before 8pm.

I don't snack. Not on anything. Just don't really like snacking. Thankfully. Even in theatres, if I say I share popcorn, I'll probably eat less than 20 pieces. Unless I'm hungry.

I'm highly discipline when it comes to supper. NO SUPPER. I used to take supper and I balloon quite quickly. So now, I avoid supper at all costs, unless again., I'm hungry which is rare. Bf is always hungry which I don't quite understand why, so from time to time he will have supper. I will be there sitting with him and not eating anything. Sometimes he will have coffee with his friends at Starbucks, like 10pm, and I will ask him to take water for me instead of ordering coffee or any other drinks.

So the only thing I'm strict about is supper. I do have desserts after dinner some times, like ice-cream, waffle, tiramisu, mango pudding etc. Not on a daily basis of course. Fast food is limited to once a week (hello kitty times) or fortnightly.

Recently I added 1 indulgence on a per month basis. I'm so in love with Laduree macarons. Maybe I fell in love with the outlook of the place first, then the packaging and lastly, the macarons. After trying their macarons for the first time, I'm officially hooked. I told bf that I wanna buy Laduree once a month. But because I like the gift box so much, usually I will buy the $32 gift box with 6 macarons. I share half of all the flavours with someone, either my boyfriend or my family. That's sin minus half. Lol. I've tried macarons from other places before Laduree and I have always wondered what's so nice about macarons. Laduree changed my mind! Such a wordy post, some pics to divert your attention. Hehe...

This was taken the very first day Laduree open its doors.

Oh by the way, I didn't mention, I sleep at 2am every night mostly. My job doesn't require me to wake up early in the morning which is great, although I still do think that early mornings are fantastic just that I tend to be very active at night, so I can hardly sleep early, therefore needing my 8 hours sleep, I wake up at about 10-10.30am most of the days. I try to have dinner before 8pm to have more than enough hours for digestion. The thing is, my metabolism rate is kinda slow, so I need more hours for my food to digest.

So you see, I still eat things I love in moderation, and I do some exercise as well. Personally, I enjoy cycling, maybe even ice-skating. Golfing is alright too. Bf loves to golf so I will go with him from time to time.

Another method I use, which is a short term method, is to take Fancl products. You see, whenever I go overseas, I tend to put on like 1-2kg. So normally I will take the 2 products below if I find myself feeling a little bulkier than usual.

I love calorie limit! Because of my sweet tooth, I don't deny myself from having desserts which makes me happy. All I do is pop the pills. However, I will stop after taking for 1 month usually (which is the entire packet). Likewise for Perfect Slim, I will finish 1 packet and that's it. I do see slight difference physically after taking the 2 products together, so I guess it's good. What I like about Fancl's products is that they emphasize greatly on their R&D and they strictly observe the basic principle of food safety. Still remember the Slim 10 case? I don't want to be one of the victims!

Nothing beats eating healthily and exercising. So, you see, what I've shared with you is nothing out of the norm. You just need to inject in a little exercise and adjust your eating habits, and you're halfway there already!

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