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Furla Candybrissima World Tour
written on 15 Jun 2013 @ Saturday, June 15, 2013 ✈

Welcome back myself to mylifeispurrfect. Work has been kinda crazy for me, or so I think. Lol... And time was spent at a string of events which I don't even have time to blog all of them, yet. From Audi Fashion Festival (AFF), Samsung Fashion Steps Out, Bonia Pop Up Store, Tumi etc. I promise I will blog all of them real soon!

I've decided to revert back to classic template for my blogger because the last skin I was using, no matter how hard I try to amend the column for blogging such that my pics can show, it simply won't enlarge anymore. Therefore, my landscape pics are all cut off or shrunk! Which doesn't look nice la, so yup, back to old plain white.

First up, thank you Furla for having me!!! :)

Furla Candy bags are like so popular now. They are literally eye-candies, which I think the name Furla Candy is such a fine name to it. This is an invite only event where bloggers and media are invited to attend on 23 May. For now, let my pictures do a little talking about the event I attended. 

Took this shot on the 3rd level at Paragon. Already, can you tell the center of attraction?

At the event proper. Hehe.. Grabbed my boyfriend to go with me. Love him to bits! Because he's willing to go to each and every event I go to. Lol...

This Candy bag is oh so cute with the furry tail!!!!

Emcee for the day is Stephanie Carrington.

Also present were Tracey Philips, Grace Tan, Hanli Hoefer and Stephanie Chai. They created their version of the Candy Bag.

This was my outfit for the night. I saw Reiee there, but forgot to take a pic with her -_-

The next day, I was reading through Bagaholicboy's blog and realized that he had a contest in-conjunction with Furla. Participants need to go to the Furla Pop Up Lab to create their version of the Candy bag and put it up on Instagram with the hashtags that Bagaholicboy asked to put up. He will pick 3 most creative bags to each win a Furla Cookie bag, which is the mini sister of Furla Candy. I decided to give it a go, since eh hem, I'm a left handed girl and people always say left handed people are artistic. Lol...

So on 24th, I went down and reach Orchard after 7pm. Apparently, the lab closes at 7pm which I wasn't aware of. Maybe it was my calling and I was really determined to get my hands on Cookie, so I went down again on 25th. Determination pays off huh, because I really am one of the winners of the pretty Cookie bag!

Hehe, my creation! It's very me right? Gold chains and colors combo. Plus fur!

This my #ootd The Montrose Desires top is actually a dress, which I decided to fringe cut it into a top. DIY.

After my creation was done, we had dinner, window-shop a little before bf and I decided to head to Shangri La lounge to check it out and have some drinks while we wait for my sister to pick and send her home together as she was attending a wedding dinner nearby.

Wearing the Anna Dello Russo, Shanghai Tang and Fendi bangles.

I'm in love with Shangri La! I ever asked boyfriend where shall we hold our wedding dinner just for the sake of fun, and he told me he don't know. This to me is of course a valid answer because there're alot of things to consider right? But the moment we entered Shangri La, which strangely both of us have never set foot into before, he said to me, this is where we will hold our wedding dinner.

Wah. Really???? :)

It is really, really beautiful!!!

Ok, sorry to side track a little, back to Furla again. Check out my prize!!! I collected the bag from Ion Orchard Furla boutique.

How to match your Cookie?

Follow me on my instagram @SharonTitania, which I'm most active on to see what I'm up to and my daily outfits. I post almost 7 days a week if not 6 days, so it's alot more engaging there I guess.

But, still need to read my blog la for the full details! Lol lol!

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