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LOL Talk Show- Toggle
written on 18 Apr 2013 @ Thursday, April 18, 2013 ✈

February till now I've been like cray cray busy, though occasionally finding time to attend things which I have passion about.

One of them was this talk show called LOL. I'm sure you've been seeing advertisements about Toggle already, and if you haven't or isn't aware of what Toggle is, you're definitely missing out.

Toggle is an interactive service that goes beyond the television set, bringing entertainment, lifestyle tips, news and information to viewers across multiple devices. The service will be available online, on smart phones, tablets, and connected tvs, allowing viewers to stay engaged wherever they are.

With Toggle, you can watch the FULL drama or movie, wherever you want. In the train, bus, while waiting for that friend who is forever late, er in the toilet, hehe... anywhere la basically. Isn't that awesome???

So, anyway, I got the privilege to attend a 'live' recording episode for LOL. I invited my cousin and my best friend to go with me.

Oh, did I mention it's a ladies only talk show??? LOL is a 30 minutes not-so-serious talk show targeted at women, youth and anyone who has a good sense of humour. The fun-filled program is not only entertaining, but also informative.

The 3 of us were rather excited as it's our first time attending a talk show. Before the talk show, we had some refreshments and not forgetting to camwhore.

With my cousin Apple.

Bestie Anqi. I'm in Montrose Desires top, Armani Exchange Jeans, Stuart Weitzman Heels. Saint Laurent Clutch. Anqi's wearing Montrose Desires dress!

Finally we're able to enter the recording studio, which is at Scape.

The talkshow is hosted by Judee Tan and Style Monk Marcus AC. The guests for the day is Sharon Au, David Gan and Nathalie Hiong.

Sharon Au looks pretty in her toga jumpsuit.

Sharon's really funny and David is kinda soft-spoken and shy.

Sharon Au is the founder for The Little Black Beauty Box (LBBB), in which she promoted in the show.

What is The Little Black Beauty Box? It is a pampering experience like no other. She partners with Robinsons and each month, at just $19.90 including delivery, the box contains a variety of beauty products in a dedicated theme. Not only that, inside every box are invitations to personalize skin care consultations exclusively at Robinsons, vouchers, free gifts and more!

Us, at the talk show were all treated to a LBBB for May! I'm awaiting and looking forward to receive it. Sharon very generously gave to all of us. She had wanted to bring the April box for us but it's all sold out already. So sweet of her!

This is the styling segment.

How to style a work black dress and turn it to an evening night party dress.

Nathalie Hiong, a local singer. A song by her.

The end.

We had a great time and indeed was time well spent. I love the talk show!!!! Judee Tan is a really good host and so I really like the styling by AC Marcus!

Do visit www.toggle.sg to sign up to watch your favorite movies and dramas and also www.stylexstyle.com if you're a style addict like me! You will be able to find the LBBB in stylexstyle.

We were all famished by the time the recording ended. It was close to 10pm and we went to Cineleisure to have supper. Boyfriend was super nice to have waited for us for good 4 hours. I always tell him that it is ok for me to go to whatever place myself and that he need not wait for me, but he is like a super 100% good boyfriend who doesn't mind and DON'T complain about the waiting.

Where to find?

Ending off with a pic of 3 of us with Toggle goodie bags! Thanks Toggle and LOL!

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