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My 29th Birthday at RWS S.E.A. Aquarium, Equarius Hotel & Ocean Restaurant
written on 19 Apr 2013 @ Friday, April 19, 2013 ✈

Last time I'm gonna see a '2' in front, going to the big 30 soon! How time flies! This year's celebration once again was planned by the dearest, so for me, it was a day of surprise.

The last 2 years we went to Festive Hotel and so, before my birthday I kept guessing where our staycation gonna be.

Truth is, half of me thought it's gonna be at W Hotel. Lol... I was pretty sure it won't be at Festive anymore so when he was driving in to Sentosa, I thought ok, half of my guess is correct already. A hotel in Sentosa. And then, he went in to the carpark which connects to RWS Casino, I knew then it's not W Hotel. But which one?

In my mind, I was 100% sure it won't be Festive, then could it be Hard Rock?

I was thrilled to stop at Equarius.

The waterfall at the back is a moving pic. Very beautiful.

The deluxe room which the hotel has already prepared for us is ready but they were asking us if we preferred a view of Sentosa. I didn't mind waiting since we have already planned to go to S.E.A. Aquarium so we left our luggage in the hotel and went off for sight-seeing first.

The back of my dress from Montrose Desires.

Yay! After buying the tickets, we're in! By the way, if you're planning to go to the Aquarium, it's best to go on a weekday. No queue. 

Along the way before reaching the Aquarium, a little bit of history.

And here we enter to the world of fishes.

It is really beautiful and so much nicer than Underwater World. But of course, considering the fact that it's new. I remember when I was young and I visited Underwater World, I was a happy kid too.

After the Aquarium, we headed back to the hotel and boy, was I surprised! Le boyfriend didn't tell me that we've been upgraded to a SUITE. Like omg. I thought it was only the nice view we'll get but it was a super pleasant surprise!

When we stepped in our jaws dropped. Haha... er ok not literally, but yes, we're really happy with the service provided by Equarius. 4 thumbs up!

The suite is mega spacious for just the 2 of us.

The suite's bathroom has 2 wash basins. Perfect!

I thought one was shower area and the other is the toilet bowl. Somewhat correct... but wait till you see the photos later.....

Always like seeing the name on the tv screen.

View from our suite.

4 chairs to sit at the balcony area and enjoy the view.

Sofa area at in the bedroom.

Serving my favorite TWG Tea and Nespresso!

Toiletries given are from their esteemed spa, Espa.

Bathtub with a tv in front while you soak.

Lucky Forever Friend bear gets to sleep in the suite!

Done gushing about the room, we were hungry. Earlier on we chanced upon Ocean Restaurant in S.E.A. Aquarium and we wanted to dine there. But the lady at the counter said they were fully booked. Dear didn't make plans for dinner, just having a go at chancing a nice place in Sentosa to eat. So we thought, it's ok, we don't necessarily need to eat at Ocean Restaurant.

While at the hotel lobby while we were prepared to go for dinner, it was raining. So we asked the staffs where could we dine. The restaurant in Equarius is a Chinese restaurant, but I didn't feel like having Chinese food. They suggested Ocean Restaurant. They made a call to Ocean Restaurant and we managed to get a table.

Like so awesome right? Coz we were just there earlier and was told they're fully booked.

The hotel staffs gave their personalized service of having a buggy to send us to Ocean Restaurant, down through the carpark. Actually the distance isn't that far, we can easily take a slow walk there.

We are really impressed by the superb service rendered by Equarius.

Thank you!

Taking the buggy.

Here we are at Ocean Restaurant by Cat Cora. Cat Cora is a renowned Iron Chef and is the only female celebrity chef in Singapore.

The concept of the restaurant is beyond amazeball. It's really a tranquil feeling, looking into the sea of blue and fishes swimming around.

Actually I'm not too sure why we were told that they're fully booked coz when we went in to the restaurant and till we left, the place is barely half filled. But anyhow, we got a nice table so no complains.

I like this stingray.

This is my main course.

And this is his.

I didn't want him to spend so much since he is paying for the hotel, the S.E.A. Aquarium tickets, and dinner. Plus Equarius Hotel have prepared a birthday cake for me so we skipped appetizer and desserts.

I have to say it's worth paying every dime to dine in the Ocean Restaurant. The food is delectable and the ambience brings you to on top of the world.

A last pic of the smiling stingray, as I call it.

This is the entrance via the carpark. The restaurant has another entrance which is via the S.E.A. Aquarium.

We took a stroll across the carpark to go back to our room.

Night view. Simply beautiful.

Yay! Can dock my iphone and listen to my fave songs.

So earlier on I was talking about 2 doors, one which I thought is the shower area and the other is the toilet bowl right, I'm correct, but we failed to see this.

A steam room.

OMG. A steam room for our own private use. So happy!!!

Hehe, of course will utilize that right.

I took a pic with the tv to show how huge this tv is.

Yay! There's Prestige mag for me to read.

Chocolate cake courtesy of Equarius Hotel.

Make a wish

My wish is gonna come true!

Birthday gift from darling. Thank you dearest!! He knew I wanted a wallet to replace my Ferragamo.

It's so pretty! Thank you!!

Early next morning, rise and shine and thank you for the sun! The day we checked in was a gloomy day. So, it's time to head to the pool. Darling was very excited at seeing a glimpse of sunshine because he's been wanting to do this.

To press the controller for the curtain to open by itself.


This is life.

Ok, so we got ready, and we thought the pool is near to the hotel lobby. Yes they have a pool there but it's only for guests staying on the first floor deluxue room.

So we had to walk a little to reach the villa's pool. I must say I love this!

It's pretty much like a vacation. Like we're in Bali or something. It's so beautiful!

Only thing I didn't like was seeing centipedes since it's near the grass area but the view is really, really beautiful.

Thank you dearest for planning an unforgettable birthday celebration for me, God for giving me the best things like room got upgraded, perfect weather, dining at the place I wanted to dine in, Equarius Hotel staffs for the amazing service you guys have rendered, the beautiful creatures which God has made (the fishes, sharks, stingrays, jellyfishes etc).

Thank you, I love you.

If you're planning a staycation, I would highly recommend Equarius Hotel. Book now by clicking here!

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