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recent update :
Flying to Melbourne in August!
written on 18 Jul 2013 @ Thursday, July 18, 2013 ✈

I'm already getting all excited because I'll be flying to Melbourne in less than a month. The thing is, I have the privilege to travel quite a bit, which I'm totally thankful for, but this round I'm more excited than usual because it's Australia! Truth is, I'm going to Italy too, either in October or next Feb, still sorting out the details. And I'm happier going to Australia than Europe. Lol...

I'm sooooooooooooooooooo in love with Australia. Ok, technically, I've only been to Perth, but that one time made me fall in love with Australia so much! And that was 2011. So it's about 2 years already.

Australia is peaceful, nice and quiet, and super beautiful. The waters are glistening blue, the sky is literally sky blue, not like our Singapore skies which somehow just don't look as blue and picturesque. The people there are mostly nice and friendly. Australia is a top choice should I ever wish to migrate. Away from stressful Singapore and since I like the angmoh culture too.

It's a rainy day today, and I'm at home, so there's this holiday mood going on within me. Haha... I can't wait to go!

Lately my body decided to dysfunction for a bit, and I'm hardly out anywhere too far. I still have meals as per normal but my visits to the toilet increased by way too much that I have to constantly be near a toilet. So most days I'm home or either at nearby malls. I can't even sit through a whole movie :( I've seen the doc thrice already, so I hope that it will be the final one and I don't have to spend money on seeing doctors. Most importantly is my health of course!!! I miss my good and healthy body. Come back please.

Ok, enough ranting! Back to Melbourne.

I have to say, I am really, really thankful for everything. Other than Montrose Desires, which started because of my passion for fashion, yes, I do have a regular job! However, I don't wish to disclose what I do in the world wide web, so people who knows me personally will know what my job is.

Anyway, this Melbourne trip was made possible because the work I put in, my deals which fell into place with clients, and of course my company and the companies they work together with. I was given a good sum of travel and shopping vouchers and here, I'm bringing my family and le boyfriend to Melbourne. If you see me buying alot of things right, it's because I'm using my crazy amount of shopping vouchers from both Capitamall and Takashimaya. I would say 70% of this year's shopping are using vouchers.

So, about the trip... I guess this has got to be the proudest thing I've done for my family. The vouchers were meant to be a trip for 2 to Paris, for a 4 days 3 nights stay. But since they gave me in vouchers form, what better way than to use the vouchers but to spread the love right?

It's a total of 6 grand worth of CTC vouchers. Of course, I won't be able to cover for everybody with $6000, but I'm subsidizing their load off by quite abit. Airport taxes can't use vouchers, so no choice, that's to be paid by cash. We'll be taking Qantas and the airport tax is at $520 per pax.

So all in all, I'm giving my parents $1k each, my sis and bf $500 each. After multiple calculations, I'll be left with about $1000 vouchers for a short trip for myself or, I'll be using the vouchers to subsidize my hotel stay in Italy. Total cost for 5 pax is $7633. Airport tax is $520 which must be paid in cash. Do your math and you'll get the answer. :)

But somehow people around me keep telling me, aiya it's vouchers, it's vouchers. Vouchers can be used for more expensive hotels, can use for this, or use for that. VOUCHERS NOT MONEY MEH? I also work for it what. Without the work I did, the vouchers didn't drop from the sky. (Although Italy-Milan did, coz I won it, but that's a different story) Haha..

I guess God is good. When I planned the trip to Australia, it did feel a pinch to give out so much. Honestly. I was also a little teeny bit sad that I can't go to Europe, because there're other parts of Europe I've not been to, so it will be nice to go and explore. But I actually won a pair of SQ tickets to Milan. Like what's the chances?

It's like a vision thing I had. I knew what I wanted, visualized it and I got it. Believe it or not, these things do happen. Your mind works in ways beyond what you can imagine and I have since experienced it, in both good and bad things. So start your thoughts in POSITIVE ways, and you'll actually reap what you sow :)

I think my bf is very lucky. Hahaha... or maybe he is my lucky star! Coz I'm bringing him to Milan, which means he gets discounted trip again!! But it's also thanks to him for bringing me to wherever I need to go either to meet clients or going to certain place to have my picture taken so that I can submit it to whatever contest. But I'm not a contest junkie ok. I choose contests I really think has a good chance to win. Lol... Believe it or not, that's my tactic. Oh yes, also, need to thank the boyfriend who will also take pictures of me DAILY especially for my #ootd which I can get a bit fussy because he just snap snap snap and don't QC how I look. Hahaha....

This year has been good, other than my health. Blah. So I need to balance that up abit. Visualize!

Thank you God for everything. I'm sorry if I've not been the best person just yet, sometimes still kinda petty and selfish I guess, so please forgive me. I love you.

Ending the post with a song on loop. Bruno Mar's has amazing vocals and songs. This song, When I Was Your Man is sung with so much feeling. Great song to play on a rainy cold day.

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