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Meeting MacBarbie07 (Bethany Mota) x Fall Inspiration
written on 18 Sep 2013 @ Wednesday, September 18, 2013 ✈

Hello lovelies!!! Time is spinning so fast that we are nearing the end of September! Omg. As much as I wish Singapore have got 4 seasons, quite unfortunately we only have the sun, humidity and the rain. And maybe ice. Haha!

It's always a like a dream come true each and every time I get to travel to places that are colder and excitingly see snow too, which I did saw 3 years ago on a trip to Korea. It wasn't falling snow but yeah, the ground was plastered in snow white, which was a nice experience.

So now, it's FALL in many countries and hey, if you're travelling to places that are experiencing the Fall season now, below would be some Fall inspiration. Before I start though, I wanted to say that I had a great time meeting Bethany Mota, aka MacBarbie07. If don't know who she is, go google! I always tell people Goggle is my best friend! I can find almost anything I want on Goggle, it's the best search engine ever. But those of you who have decided that na, I'm lazy to google, never mind. Here's a short introduction of MacBarbie07.

She's a teenage girl from California, who's only 18 this year! She's a youtuber by the way and has more than 3.2 million subscribers on her channel. I'm only much active on Instagram, so from what I see, she's got 1.6 million followers. Highly popular.

She's such a bubbly girl in her videos, it's really hard not to like her. If I were around her age, I'll probably like her even more, but I can totally relate how alot of girls from everywhere around the world loves her so. *Trying to act young only me* Lol.. No really. She has a very like-able persona and it was really awesome to have met her in person.

Maybe to introduce her a little more, you might wanna watch one of her many videos on youtube. I've decided to embed the one on Fall since I'm talking about Fall, you can pick up tips on what to wear for Fall! This will only take 8.46 minutes of your time!

Her clothes are probably what I would wear too. Only thing is that in Singapore, I don't tend to wear alot of long sleeve clothings because it's just too hot for me, although nowadays the air con too makes me really cold. Time to stock up on jackets and cardigans!!

Met Bethany at Marina Bay Sands 2 days ago. She's really nice and such a sweet girl!

Talking to her and le bf took a pic of us. Haha... Went to see her to pass her something from Montrose Desires!

She really have got quite a following and it's like the girls knew where she'll be coz 2 days ago wasn't the official Meet & Greet for her in Sg. I had my way in finding out, so I guess that's how the girls did too. Lol...

Alot of sec school students. I felt old with all these kids. Hahhaahaha... But young at heart la!

This is a dress that I will totally wear for Fall. Fall's colors are usually on the darker hues like navy blue, grey, black, red wine etc. Just need to pair it with stockings and short ankle boots plus a jacket and you're good for Fall!

Just a random pic.

This was the official day for her meet and greet which was yesterday. Taken from Marina Bay Sands twitter.

Only 18 and already highly successful. But I have to say, kudos to her in her efforts in making her videos. It is really quite enjoyable seeing a bubbly personality and whenever she films in her room, it's what I would have wanted as a teenager to have a room looking like that. Perhaps my taste has changed since I'm older now, but I know if I were younger, that would be what I would love to have. On top of that the sceneries in her country looks amazing. Thumbs up!

Here's my Fall's mix. The first 3 pictures are create using Polyvore. Items are all picked my myself. I'll probably wear what my first picture showcased. It's so very me.

Those below are what I picked from France Vogue.

Masculine is in for this Fall. I'm not into this type of fashion but I'm sure some girls do. It's quite cool actually, and hey, check out the navy blue.

Tweed. I've always loved tweed. My cup of tea.

Tartan!!! Needs to be able to pull this off definitely.

Thigh high boots. I would love to wear them but going through airport customs is a chore! Unless I bring a huge suitcase maybe, it will be in my suitcase. Ha!

White/ ivory. You'll never go wrong with it.

The slightly tomboyish fashion which I don't mind trying it. As least it's not that masculine as the first you saw.

Yesterday I attended an event for Philip Stein and there, the style editor of Style or Stlye Men's magazine was telling us about the trends for Fall as well.

Some people ask me why do I always go for events. For one, I love going for events because that's where you meet alot of interesting people and probably have the chance to network. On top of it, I usually choose an event that is related to fashion as well since I'm into fashion and I can pick up tips too. Sometimes you can really good goodie bags as well but really, that to me is just a plus. I'm there to learn something new, be it about fashion tips or the brand itself, seeing how people market their stuffs. 

One of the trend which the stylist mentioned for Fall is Blue. In all shades. Ceruleen, cobalt blue, navy blue etc. Below, I'm showcasing a skirt exclusively designed by yours truly, in cobalt blue. I super duper love this skirt because it is so flowy, and there's a twist to it by having prints in the skirt. Not outside. I hope to have the skirt out in 2 weeks time online at montrosedesires.com so keep your eyes peel will ya?

I'm in the midst of planning for my Milan trip. It was already decided that it will be in October but bf and I are having some changes due to certain circumstances. Let's hope we finish the tedious planning fast!

Hope you enjoyed reading and do follow me on my instagram @sharontitania and add me up on Facebook here!

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